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Who am I?
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We all communicate, but communicating well is difficult. For social media and websites, different approaches are needed. Figuring out what works is what I do at Nielsen Designs.

I come from a background studying online interaction and communication, web design and social media strategy.

I work reliably on the projects laid before me. While my focus is on the process, I acknowledge the importance of delivering a functional product.

Why pick me?

My Focus

Social Media

With Nielsen Designs you'll find out out who your product appeals to, and where to find them.

Multiple Platforms

Mobile content strategy is important. Your content is going to work well on computers, smartphones and tablets.


You will be involved in making your social media and web content, to ensure the final product is a reflection of your idea.


With Nielsen Designs you will get detailed analysis of your customers, and find out how to engage them.


This project was essentially me designing website content for a business concept, selling bottled water.
The purpose was to introduce to the viewer the idea of having a personalised water bottle, and designing various value propositions to sell the idea.

water bottle website
First Semester
Uniq Water Bottle
crucifix exhibit website
First Semester
Exam project

Here we built a website to appeal to a teenage audience, making them want to see experience something outside of their usual interests first-hand.

Here, we worked on two websites - one for a café, and one for the café's own webshop.
This is the café site, where Nielsen Designs worked with several other designers for each subsite.

cafe website design bar
First Semester
Café Java
cafe website design shop
First Semester

And this is the accompanying webshop, supposed to sell the café's products, wherein I was mostly helping out with the design.
The coder of this website was Snuki.

In this project I was more of a supporting designer, experimenting with parallax scrolling along with our main programmer Olaf.
We structured content to sell the idea of a modern jitterbug dance school.